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Jun. 11th, 2003 @ 03:20 pm (no subject)
I am not: employed.
I hurt: When I feel unwanted.
I love: being loved.
I hate: rollercoasters.
I fear: Helplessness. Being alone.
I forget: positive aspects of myself.
I remember: Being surrounded by friends, crowded into Casa de Cesspool.
I imagine: going to foriegn lands and having adventures.
I hope: that I make others happy.
I crave: new experiences.
I regret: not finding someway to keep things as they were.
I care: family and friends.
I always: try to be funny.
I want: to be independently wealth, so my being poor doesn't ever mess things up again.
I feel alone: anywhere, but with a few select people.
I listen: to people, as it's easier to listen than to open up and expose myself.
I hide: from responsability.
I pretend: I can take everything with grace.
I drive: people up the wall.
I sing: poorly.
I cry: when I feel truely alone.
I destroy: concepts.
I dance: when inebriated.
I write: but I will never be a writer.
I wake: to the dog leaving me for food.
I breathe: the essence of life.
I play: word games and puzzles.
I venture: into darkened rooms with loud music.
I find: patterns.
I pray: to gods I do not believe in.
I miss: but my aim is improving.
I kiss: those I love.
I succeed: when I try my least.
I search: for knowlege.
I learn: through experience.
I feel: time passing.
I know: a thing or two.
I joke: in a self depricating way.
I say: random factoids.
I change: light bulbs.
I fail: to get a job, keep my home, and keep the woman I love.
I dream: of people.
I believe: humor.
I wonder: what tomorrow holds.
I want: the physical and financial freedom to see and experience all the world has to offer.
I worry: about finances
I wish: I was smart enough, good looking enough, and interesting enough to keep the ones I love.
I fight: for friends.
I need: to be loved and needed.
I am: human
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