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The beach party is July 18th through the 20th. It's at my family's cabin. There is limited space avalable. It's about 5 minutes south of Lincoln City at Glen Eden Beach.

Due to limited space, please RSVP!

My last count (subject to memory errors) had the following people coming:

That is 9 people. There is a common room down stairs, where 4 can stay. Two bedroms (two people each), and I get one. And the living room floor, where six more can crash. So, ideally we have room for 5 more people.

Also, put dibs on where you want to sleep. Downstairs, you can sleep in late. the living room floor, you are at the mercy of other peoples sleeping habits. The bedrooms, you can sleep in AND you have privacy (Oo-la-la!). Taking bribes on the bedroom now.

If you don't have a bed, you will need to bring your own sleeping stuff.

And don't worry about getting dirty or wet, there is a washer and dryer. (Why is it, that they spell the mashine "dryer" but the person or condition "drier"?)

There is a kitchen, so we can eat in. There are many restuarants in easy driving distance if you are rich/lazy.

Hmmm... Other things...

The cabin is on a bank over looking the beach/ocean. The beach access is three houses down (easy walk). There is a cute malls with cool stores and an excellent grocery store about a half mile away (still and easy walk). There is a glass blowing place a couple miles away. near by golf courses. Lincoln city is very close, as are outlet store. Deepobay, the Devils Punchbowl, and the sea lion caves a a short drive. And the Sea Aquarium (where they originally housed Keiko for a few years) is also a short drive. Fires on the beach are allowed. (bon fire and weenie roast! Smores!) There is a stong undertow, so swim with a partner. The water is VERY cold, so warm up with a partner. Due to erosion, there is NO climbing on the bank. The normal weather patterns for summer are: foggy in the morning with no wind. Your mom. The fog quickly burns off and the wind gradually bulds up. Finally there is a gorgeous sunset with strong winds, and as soon as the sun set's the winds die. It is public beach, with no nudity allowed, but if you insist on sex on the beach, don't bitch to me about where the sand ends up. There is no stereo, that I remember. If you want to bring a boom-box and cds, great! There is a TV, with basic cable (I think) and a VCR. There are plenty of cards for drunken gaming. The alcohol that is there is my grandfathers. If you want to get drunk, bring your own. If you want me drunk, I'm poor, bring some for me.

I think that's about it.

So please RSVP and/or confirm your RSVP (due to my faulty memory) so we know how many people are coming.

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