A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I was out star gazing with the little spotting scope again (20x - 45x zoomable goodness). While the light polution totally obsures everything to the north east, the rest of the sky is pretty clear. But, as I gazed apon the nebula's and star clusters, it left me wondering something.

If people had such great eye sight that they could see nebulas, galaxies spinning, and star clusters bursting forth, would the night sky look like a freeze frame of a fireworks display? A garden in blow? Would we have evoloved to be nocturnal animals, just for the sake of it's beauty?

I think I need to get my good camera out and try some late night star trail photography. I think the stars spinning over the Tualitin Valley would be amazing.

I still can't figure out which planet I'm seeing to the WSW. Maybe I'm miss reading my celestrial guide book, but there shouldn't be ant planets with moons where I'm seeing this. My guess is it's Jupiter, as it's the closest planet with enough large moons. How bright it was, and how low to the horizon it is in the twilight hours, I thought it might be Venus. Venus has no moons though.

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