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A Quark of A Different Spin.

Listening to public radio, they were interviewing the director of Finding The Freedmans (which I can not find on IMDB!?!?!?!). This movie sounds VERY good. But the director mentioned something that has often interested me. truth verse perception. The movie is a documentary, and in it the Father and Son are arrested. When the Police are interviewed, the police woman states that there were piles of child porn all over the house. The film maker was there when the police searched the house, and there was no porn of any kind, let alone child porn, to be found. The director says things like this happen from all sides through out the movie. And goes on to say that he didn't feel people were lying, but that memories change and evolve. I agree with this. I think our baises definately color our memories. A good movie that covers biases of memory is Rashomon. This has lead me to a movie idea....

This could be a sequal to The Usual Suspects. Imagine, if you will, A group of people agreeing on a story. These people are mobsters. The few remaining ones from a group. The rest have been killed off. These few are trying to piece together what has happened over the last 24 hours, and why. All of them remembering events slightly differently, but the agree on a story, so they can work out a plan. Then we flash back scene after scene, ala Memento. Gradually we see the story is totally different from how they deside it is. Either because some of they have lied to cover up foul ups, or didn't see things they thought the did, or just basic bias colored what they saw. In the end we see an obvious easy resolution to appease Kaizer Soze, but the remember it all wrong, and he kills them all.

It also had me wondering how bias colors our meories in relationships. How, when you care for people, you tend to over look and/or forget the bad things they do. When you dislike them, you do the same thing with the good things they do.

Tomorrow is officially, I'm not kidding, bring your dog to work day. Now if I just had a work to bring Jamie too.

Damn it, I had three or four other things I thought up over lunch, that I wanted to put here, but now I can't remember. I need to carry a note pad with me.
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