A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Okay, Anne (alwaysbecoming) told me what she knows about me, so I'm responding with stuff to fill gaps. If you want to add more you know about me, I will try to fill in more gaps.

Okay... I'll do ten, and then I'll try to do another ten for the next respondent. :-)

  1. I'm 31, not 30.
  2. I love hiking. But rarely get out (lacking a hiking partner and all).
  3. About the only types of music I dislike are country western with extra twangt voices and guitars, and chinese opera.
  4. I love cars.
  5. I love pets, but generally just the ones that are furry, recognize you, and show affection.
  6. I love stupid movies. That doesn't mean I dislike other movies. It just means I spend a lot of time thinking, and I like movies that let me rest my brain.
  7. I wish I had musical skill, but I lack the disipline to practice.
  8. I've had dreams come true. Like when I was in elementary school, I dreams about being in thiis weird class, with an asian woman teaching, and some kids with t-shirt for this band called RAT, that I had never heard of. The next year I was in middle school, my home room teach was an asian woman, and there we RAT fans in my class, and the room had these tall skinny windows with weird buttresses coming out to help support the upper floors. I've had a lot of dreams like that.
  9. I enjoy experimenting and doing new and different things, but for my exporative nature, I loath/fear doing things alone.
  10. My only two general food dislikes (though there have been times I have actually enjoyed both of them) are curry and tofu.

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