A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

From hec8e:

  1. Some weird hippie Indian Shaman freaky Graham Greene looking dood emerges from the forest and bestows upon you a familiar, totem animal, animal sidekick or [Insert Term Here], to emulate you and do your evil bidding. Which would it be? Why?

    A raven. They are inteligent/cunning, social, brave (challenging raptors for their prey, even working in teams to get it), and very adaptable. Plus there is a lot of mythology surrounding them, from Indian legends, to being Odin's assistants.

  2. Which technological breakthrough predicted for the year 2000 that didn't happen did you most want to see: A)Flying Cars, B)Wrist Videophones, C)Houses on the Moon or D)Champagne piped into your living room?

    A: I just have thing for the idea of flight. While I know there would be a mass slaughter of people crashing and falling from the sky every traffic jam into every city, I still think it would be fun for drives/flights in the country.

  3. Describe your first computer system; and your first Internet experience.

    Define "computer". My first game system was an original Atari. My first computer was a Commodore 64.

    My first internet experience was discovering the trove of information out on ftpsites in 1989. This was before the web and Gopher. When things like altavista were just a list of IP's and what what they might have at that ip if you ftp'd there. The seemingly endless supply of technical information had me in a trance for the months to follow.

  4. A Fairy of Impractical Wishes grants you your not-so-fondest wish: The Classic Arcade game of your choice in your living room, complete with an endless supply of tokens. Which one would it be? Why?

    Either the Dr. Who or Twillight Zone pin ball games.

  5. Said Fairy, on his way out the door after raiding your fridge and drinking out of the carton, offhandedly grants you the ability to bring back one TV show that has been cancelled. Which one? Why?

    I would love to have a an updated version of M*A*S*H made. Given our nations current blood lust, it would be good to be reminded of the horrors of war that still shows the soldiers in a compassionate light.


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