A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Pet Peeve number 2, when it comes to posting on Live Journal (or anywhere else, for that matter).

I would love a web browser who's text entering field (like I am typing into right now) had real regex search and replace functionality. In stead of having to go through every line on a list and replace the number with a n "li" tag, or if I am linking a shit load of inames and I have one typo repeated on everything, it would be so nice to type one line of code to go out and fix everything I need fixed.

Neccessity is not the mother of invention, laziness is. Just as laziness makes me wish for regex, it has created the world we live in. Do you think the world "needed" a vaccum? No, sweeping worked just fine, but someone got tired of bending over to pick up the dust pan and had the idea of a vaccum to same them labor. Same thing with the toaster. Or even the car. You think elevators were made out of necessity to help the handicapped? No, it was because people didn't want to climb more than one or two flights of stairs. And these inventions can be mind numbingly simple, like combining two old technologies into a new fancy one. Take PostIt Notes for example. What is more simple than a little bit of glue on paper? The guy who intented it, sold the rights to 3M, and get royalties. That guy is uber rich now. And for what? Putting glue on paper. So, next time there is something you need or want to do, but you are feeling lazy about it, it could be opertunity knocking, to make you a very rich inventor.

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