A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

From frasia:
Angie: "Postmodernism."
Devlin: "The simplest way for indecisive people to justify never deciding on anything, by calling everything "deconstructible".

Angie: "Existentialism."
Devlin: "The mentality of those who are paranoid that the big bad universe is out to get them."

Angie: "Catholicism and / or Christianity."
Devlin: "A handy excuse to extort money, not pay taxes, claim to hear the divine, abuse children, and then blame it all on a horned creature with a pitchfork."

Angie: "Satanism."
Devlin: "Catholics and Christians who just cut the bull and swear their allegiance directly to a horned creature with a pitchfork. Often done by upper clergy and politicians as a time-saving measure."

Angie: "Nihilism."
Devlin: "A methodology of examining the flaws in a system, prompting its examiners to turn their newfound insight towards the constructive goals of shooting up drugs and raving."

Angie: "Anarchism."
Devlin: "A methodology of shooting up drugs and raving without bothering to examine anything first."

Angie: "Semantics."
Devlin: "What you'll always find going on behind the face of any major philosophical or theological movement."

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