A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Weird dream last night, or this morning.

*wavey screen special effects, ala 70's TV, starting the dream*

My mother and I were working for some company, she in accounting, and me as a system administrator. The person in the cube across from her was asking for advice on a job, and somehow they decided I should do it. The job was designing an album cover for Queen Latifah. It was a picture, one scene, with her appearing several times in it. It was a resturant (like a cafe/coffee house, with the a stage, and sun light streaming in) with several customers and one person up on stage performing, they were all her dressed in different ways to reflect her different roles in moves and personas on her albums in in her videos. I'm guessing it was a greatest hits, or some other form of retrospective.

*wavey screen special effects, ala 70's TV, endinng the dream*

The Jamie had kept me up all night. She kept pushing me off the bed, so about 5am I kicked her off, and saw in that half sleep, trance sort of state from then until 9, and the dream was in that span of time. Already the details are quickly fading.

Odd, odd dream.

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