A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong...

I don't think there are any green mammals (I'm talking fur and body color, not eye color). This strikes me as odd. There are green birds and fish. There are red, yellow, brown, tan, and black mammals. But no green mammals.

It's not like evolution would be against green. Like brown, it's an excellent camoflage. And as I pointed out before, we know green is possible, as we see it in other animal familys.

This leads me to wonder if we will ever have green mammals. The answer is "of course". In a way, we sort of do. Scientists have genetically engineered mice and rabbits that glow in the dark, and it's a greenish glow.

In the future, I do not doubt that you will be able to have genetically engineered pets to have specific colors and paterns.

First the rich will want specialized pets to match their wardrobe or home color scheme. Who knoes, they might even engineer color changing abilities, like in some lizards, to hairless cats.

Next companies will start giving away pets with their logo genetically engineered into the animals fur pattern. The odd thing here is, genetics don't always play a part in the patterning. The have cloned calico cats, so their DNA was identical, but their color patterns were different. Still, I think we will see Apple giving away fish with their logo, as to drawn on the nastalgia of their old screen saver.

Finally, it will be something for the masses. Pet's will be produced on demand. As it will be a mass production operation, not so much care will be used, and errors will be made, leading to the "acceptable loss" of a certain percentage. PETA will be up in arms about the slaughter of the rejects. But no one will care.

You will see hetrosexual dog and cats with pink triangle and rainbow stripes.

You will hear about dogs killed because some drunk hunter thought it would be funny to shoot a particular dog? Why that dog? Become some drunken exec at a gun manufacture thought it would be good marketing to give out dogs with their logo, which just happens to be a target.

You will see the pounds filled with pets that have a slogan for some politician voted out of office a couple years ago. Or pets returned because they accidently checked the "Supersize" option instead of small.

Or hunting animals into "extinction" but we can just bring them back, or engineer new ones?

And this is all before they start doing wholesale tinkering on humans.

Engineer people to be smaller, so they use less resources? Engineer people to be bigger and strong, so the "look better" or are "beeter at sports"?

One super scary aspect is, the engineering of viruses. As we have the human genome mapped, and are gradually figuring out what does what. We are also developing retro-virus technology. This is where we engineer viruses that will go in and have it replace bad DNA with good DNA. This holds great promise for curing genetic disorders. But what if some racist get's this technology? How hard would it be to create a virus that kills people of a particular skin color? Or if you can say, "most people form this ethinic background have this DNA sequence," and practice genocide.

Let's say we could do whatever we want with genetics. What would you do? Either on a personal or global level?

Also, what would you do for a green mammal?

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