A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

As I sit here fixing my cd-decks again, and think of the logic problem my Mom's car is having... I can't help but wonder, are we, as a society, over complicating our tools. Back in the day, you could fix most problems with cars with a couple screw drivers and a socket set. Now, it is all intigrated where you need special equiptment to diagnos and repair many malfunctions. Most people would have taken my cd-decks to a repair place, or as they are so outdated, junked them and bought new.

Partially, think this might have been a frugal manuver, to buy simple over complex, because up until the last 20 years or so, most people needed to save money. But as we gained cash we could afford the complex, and having to pay others to fix our over complex items. This has built a huge service sector in America, as our possession become such that we can no longer fix them, or in some cases, even maintain them on our own.

What concerns me is, what happens if the economy continues to go down, and less and less people can afford to maintain their own possessions? Will people dispose of their items and go to a lower standard of living? Will we, as a society, go back to a "simpler is better" approach?

Basicly, I'm wondering how a negative turn in the market will affect the deisgn of future products, and their marketing.

Speaking of marketing, it's interesting watching the marketing switch from a fear based marketing to an economy based marketing. I'm gradually seeing less add saying "kills 99% of all bacteria, and if you don't buy this you are a bad parent putting your kids at risk of illness" to "our counter cleanser costs 20% less than our competetor."

On a total subject jump... I wish, on the ballots, they would do a survey asking how people would like thier taxes spent. Basicly rate what your priorities for government spending are.

If you were to decide your city or states budget, how would you break up the budget? You've got police, health services, community services, community development, etc, etc.

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