A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

From hec8e:
The Insult Generator!

What is has to say about me:

You're the saddest, piss-poor excuse for a man I've ever seen, you chromosome-deficient, uber-impotent, rat-faced tard-popsicle. I'm not surprised you're single, you pimple-faced perpetual wedgie victim. If you're attractive, Quasimodo is a former Mr. Universe, you full-of-yourself baboon butt-ugly bulbous babbling baffled boob. You're the kind pathological liar who even lies to an insult generator. You're the typical left-wing, know-nothing, good-for-nothing, bleeding heart bungling bum who thinks the world owes you a living. You four-eyed, cerebrally-deluded, Einstein-impersonating, pseudo-intellectual nerdturd with a head full of misfiring synapses. How come you're so tall? Did your mother mate with a giraffe? Lying about your weight again, eh? Since when did Pregnant Water Buffalo Size become 'Average'? You couldn't get a job cleaning shit off a toilet, you utterly useless wrinkled balloon in a muddy puddle of goat's piss. I've seen wounds that were better dressed than you are. Do yourself and everyone else a favor: jump into a raging forest fire.

Awww... I feel so loved. :-)

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