A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

For you vegitarian/vegian/anti-lactose people out there... I saw this posted in the damnportlanders community:

It is very Hot- Have a drink that is good for your liver
We all need to lay off the beer and Reisling. So here are some non-milk milkshakes. Cheaper than Bibo. Put all into a blender and let loose. All can can safely doubled and tripled. Please share!

1. 1 cup ice
1 cup cut cantaloupe(frozen is good)
1-1/2 cup soya milk
a cube or 2 of candied ginger
A dusting of black pepper
Sugar or honey, to taste only

2. 1-1 1/2 cup ice
1 cup Blueberries
1 cup of soya yogurt
sprinkle of cinnamon
sugar to taste

3. 2 cups watermelon flesh, de-seeded
1 cup ice
a few basil leaves
a few mint leaves
teaspoon of lime juice
sugar to taste

4. 1 cup ice
3 tablespoons orange juice concentrate
1 cup soya milk
a cube or two of candied ginger/or few drops vanilla.

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