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Jul. 24th, 2003 @ 10:57 am (no subject)
If we all think positively enough, it might happen... :-)

Dragonflygrrl3 (10:46:02 AM): are you there?
adameros (10:46:50 AM): Perhaps... ;-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:47:08 AM): i wanted to let you know that something big is going to happen
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:47:16 AM): damned if i know what, but i can tell
adameros (10:47:19 AM): Something big?
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:47:30 AM): either of great importance
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:47:35 AM): or verygood. or verybad.
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:47:53 AM): i can't tell. i haven't been "listening" like i shold
adameros (10:47:59 AM): Goerge Bush will choke on another pretzel, which falling down riding a Segway?
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:48:11 AM): lmao
adameros (10:48:58 AM): The president will end up hospitalized. Dick Chenney will be unavailable for comment, so Jon Stewrt will be appointed president. ;-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:49:05 AM): imagine that the snack food related incident had been fatal. i can see the history books now
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:49:11 AM): that would be fun!
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:49:19 AM): jon stewart as president
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:49:36 AM): "george w. bush died in office. he choked on a pretzel not too long after being elected"
adameros (10:49:37 AM): Would other countries be laughing at us, or with us? ;-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:49:49 AM): it doesn't matter, as long as they laugh!
adameros (10:50:56 AM): With Vice President Mo Rocca. ;-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:51:11 AM): mo rocca is cool
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:51:18 AM): it's been awhile since i've watched the daily show
adameros (10:51:46 AM): And Phil(?) Black to replace Rumsfield. ;-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:51:55 AM): :-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:52:12 AM): he's the one who is really sarcastic?
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:52:21 AM): right?
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:52:45 AM): well, they're all sarcastic, but he takes the cake (if he is who i'm thinking he is)...
adameros (10:53:18 AM): Oops... It's Louis Black. He's the one that yells a lot. :-)
adameros (10:53:44 AM): I think I may need to quote this conversation on my lj. ;-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:55:51 AM): go for it :-)
Dragonflygrrl3 (10:56:04 AM): yes! louis black. he's my favorite
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Date:July 24th, 2003 11:32 am (UTC)
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id vote for jon stewart!
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Date:July 25th, 2003 02:03 pm (UTC)
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I saw Louis Black at Oberlin once... got to shake his hand and blah blah... Great performance :)