A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Some fun stuff from secretok:

Pogo.com - From Solitare to crosswords to poker.
Smiliegames.com - These are really fun. The graphics are cool. There are tons of games from Rugby to Turtle Hurtle to Soccer Pong and even Super Bowling!
Emogame - A game making fun of emo. It's funny and very entertaining. It has a lot of sexual themes with the graphics, so if you don't like that, stay away.

Anagram anything! - This is highly entertaining. Type in names, phrases, or words and find their anagrams. My full name: Majesty Hail Pam!
Guinness World Records - Ever wondered how tall the world's tallest person was? Find out here!
Create your own band! - A little cheesy, I admit. But it's entertaining. You choose the name of the band, the members, and the sound.
Make your own movie - Make a cartoon with this.
Googlism - Find out what google.com thinks of you!
Jigsaw Puzzles - Like jigsaw puzzles? Do one online! Has many different options to make the puzzles easy to difficult.
Buy and sell drugs online (virtually, not real drugs) - A silly game where you buy and sell drugs.
Snood - The most addicting game ever! You download it so you can play it offline. But it's only a demo version.
AmIRight.com - Frequently misheard lyrics. Amusing.
Bored.com - A page full of links for when you're bored.
Slogan Generator - Type in a word and it puts it in a famous slogan.

Funny pictures - These just made me laugh.
Games - A few little games that'll keep you entertained for about five minutes.
Break up songs - Going through a break up? Need some songs to help deal with it? Go here.
Art of the Mix - A Mixtape site. Pretty cool.
Scaryplace.com - Not really scary, but might provide a little bit of entertainment.
Webmonkey - Good site if you need help with HTML.
MyCatHatesYou.com - I love this site. lol

That should keep all of you entertained for a little bit.

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