A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

A little help, for when you start to sag.

Train your kids to be anime geeks!

Hurricanes kill hundreds each year. Cause billions of dollars of damage each year. People hate and loath huricanes. Can we please have some hurricanes named to fit with our ethnic group? While I'm not opposed to this idea, I just have to wonder why you would want your ethnic names used to represent something that is hated by and causes strife for millions.

Why is it, when women discuss sex, it's clinical. When men discuss sex, it becomes a bragging/put-down contest? [Insert obligatory "I'm better in bed than you are" comment.]

e-monkeys at keyboards.

It's wierd. The crossword should be easiest on Monday, and gradually get harder, with sunday being the most difficult. I peak on Thursday. I can always finish the Thurrsday crossword, and the further from Thursday, in either direction, the harder it is for me. I think that is because, early in the week, they seem to have current events in music, theater, and sports. And Friday and Saturday, the tend to refference classical works and authors a lot. Where as Wednesday and Thursday, they have a more science orientation. I have no proof of this, just vague recollections. Perhaps, as the week goes on, it doesn't get harder, the focus just shifts.

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