A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Last night, I went to a cd/record swap party. I'm finding that Portland does have a good dj music scene, but the only good music to be found is on vinyl. This leaves me pretty much S.O.L.. I went to Platinum Records, the premer dj shop in Portland, and most of the CD's on their wall were a couple years old and I already owned! I am missing Distraction's selection of new and excellent music (Distractions on the Haight, in S.F.. Their music buyer is a genius!)

Anyway, why is it I am always a sucker and get groovy lounge music? I listen to it on the head phones and I think it sounds great. I get home and play it on the speakers, and it sounds like crap that I would never dance to.

So, I managed to get someone to take my "This is Hard House" compelation and got:

  • Aaron Simple Volume 6.1 (euphoric trance and breaks)
    I'm really liking this one, except track 15. I don't know what he was on when I though up track 15, but I'm guessing he was mixing DMT, E, and nitros in very liberal doses.)
  • Sublevel
    It's some nice dancable funky grooves. Not as fast as the Aaron Simple cd, but not slow enough to be downtempo. Kind of an odd inbetween speed/feel. But it's something I can play and won't put people to sleep, but won't have them all jittery either.
  • Midnight Snack Volume One
    Why, oh why?!?!? Why do I do this to myself. I hate lounge, but I keep buying it!When I see the NakedMusic logo, I should know to run the other direction! Anyone want to trade this for some DnB, Jungle, or Breaks? Please? Pretty please?

Anyway, I need to check out a local club, Level 8. A couple people who seemed to have good taste invited me to go there after the party, but I had other obligations and couldn't make it. They were all heading over in shorts and t-shirts, so I'm guessing the club doesn't have your normal overbearing negative fashion victim vibe (read, 1015 Fulsom).

Finally, to finish off this music post, I was listening to NPR (I think it was Fresh Air, but I could be wrong), and they had a bit on a new music style appearing in Spain. It's called Bastardo Bacelona. Basicly a fusion of electronic and hip-hop beats to flaminco. It's very dancable. Has a nice beat for mixing, and sound a little different from what you normally here. I'm thinking it's time to check out the world music section and get a new toy.

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