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Questions from bohemianbabe:

  1. Do you know what Ryan means to me
    Ummm... A lot? :-)
  2. What do you think of rate me communities
    I dislike them. The people who sign up for them seem to be insecure, needing someone to tell them the look good. And the people who run them seem to have low selfesteem, and make themselves feel better by telling others they don't look good enough. Then, when the insecure get rejected, they go form their own rate-me community to take out their being rejected on others. But a few people are approved, and rather than LJ becoming one big happy love fest, you end up with a lot of fragmented cliches hyping how cool they are and how everyone else sucks. I see no good that comes from such communities.
  3. What is your view on abortion
    I am pro-abortion. In fact, there are few people who I favor post-natal abortion for... Basicly, I think that people are in their nature, sexual being. And either through accident (ripped condom), negigence (that one drunken evening where you forget protection), fate (the pill didn't work), or criminal activity (rape), and a woman does not want to have a child, or feel she can care for it, or it has massive birth defects, she should not be required to carry it to term.

    The world is hugely over populated, and through out the world there are more children up for adoption than are needed. We do not need to add to the list of unclaimed children world wide.

    Should a mother who does not have the means to care for her child have to keep it?

    Will a woman who did not want the child in the first place make the best mother, or will she resent the child? Possibly, she might make a great mother, but if she doesn't want the child, should she be forced to find out?

    If a child has massive birth defects, whole will care for the child when the parents pass on?

    I think that parents (mostly the woman) has the right to decide if she will have her body hugely changed by birth, and if she has the means and desire to have the child.
  4. What is you view on the current govener race in California
    Since I have moved out of California, I find it highly amusing, and watch it with great humor. But I do think that Bush and his refusal to help with the energy crisis created the problem (the reason he didn't helps, seems to be because California didn't vote for him), and yet the republicans are using the deficit thier leader creared as an excuse to run Davis out of office. If this succeed, I predict that the republicans will try to recall every democrat they can. Recalls and elections are very expensive, and do nothing to help the economy. I hope another democrat is elected, so it backfires on the republicans.
  5. If you could bring anyone back from the dead who would it be
    Einstien. I think he would have a lot to contribute to modern science, and he has the fame and morals to act as a conscience for science. Just look at all he did without computers. Just imagine what he could do with modern technology.

Now, to continue the chain, the stipulations:

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  5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
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