A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I have just mastered getting telemarketers to hang up on me! And I wasn't even rude. Just the opposite, in fact.

This morning, I was expecting my parents to call, to tell me to come over to the old house. So I took the cordless phone into the bathroom while I showered.

*ring, ring*
Me: Hello?
MT (Telemarketer): Is Mr. Harrison there.
Me: *sultry voice* Oh, yes.
MT: I'm from MCI Long Distance, and I'd like to show you how we can save you money.
Me: I would, but in I'm in a steamy hot shower, infront of a full length mirror, running my hands all over myself. Having a suds good time. You sound like a strong strapping lad...
MT: Umm... er... yes, but about the long distance.
Me: I suppose I could write the notes in the suds on my chest...
MT: We have great rates....
Me: You have great rates? Oooh! Now I think something else is taking notes.
MT: You sound busy. I'll call back later. *click*

Now I'm just waiting for him to call, so I can tell him he put me in just the right mood for the hot tub.

Fucking with telemarketers is so much fun! :-)

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