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A Quark of A Different Spin.

Titilating quandaries from urbandivision:

  1. What has been your most positive Burning Man experience? How has it changed since you first started going? Do you think that you'll go next year, and if you do, what or who do those plans involve?
    I think just being surrounded by friends, and how welcome I was always made to feel.

    I would love to go next year, but going to India is my first travel commiement. But if I can afford it, I will go. As for plans, I would like to make a grove of color shiftinf palm tree with hammocks, and downtempo music, so people can just hang out and socialize.

    My camp idea, for me, is odd in a couple ways.

    • I am always shy around new people, yet I love to be around people (new and old), and play host.
    • When I grew up, and up antil about 6 or 7 years ago, I generally disregarded people and only loved technical things. But I am more and more finding people to be far more interesting and captivating that machines, programs, and thier inner workings.

  2. You were there in the beginning of the dotcom boom in the Bay, and saw it through to the bitter end. Is there anything job related from that era that you would change? Any choices you made that you would take back if you could? What was it like to see the area change and grow? Do you miss it?
    I think I would have invested more money, and bought out before the crash. I think I would have bought a more sensable vehicle. I'm paying $500/month, which really hurts at the moment. When I moved to Mountain View, there were still orchards everywhere. Now, almost 10 years later, there are no orchards. I have often wished that the urban planners had built on in the the hills more, and had left the orchards alone.

  3. You have a very positive view on responsible drug use, but I for one know that you've had a few bad experiences while on various mind altering substances. What are the best and worst experiences you've had in relation to this? Would you tell your children not to use drugs, or advise youth against it?
    I think that drugs can be very negative. They can negatively hurt you legally, emotionally, and physically.

    I think they worst, as far has injury was doing the nine hits of mdma in one night and almost chewing my lip off. It caused me a couple months of intense pain and was extremely embarrassing.

    And I think pot has hurt me, in that when I use it, I get nothing done. Bills don't get paid, dishes don't get done, etc.

    But I also think that many drugs can be used safely. I think shrooms are a great emotional balancer for me. I think mdma leaves me loving life and the world, even with the post e depression). And I feel weed greatly lowers my stress levels (it also takes away any sense of urgency, so stuff does not get done).

    I also feel that there are some drugs that seem to be far more destructive than helpful. I've never heard of heroin users ever saying it was benificial in anyway, but I do know a lot of people who have said it was very destructive to their life. And cocaine seems to be like nitrous, you take a hit, and twenty minutes later you need/want another, and people will do it straight, for as long as they have it, and it seems to be a big money sink. What do you have when you have 32 teeth? 32 speed users. This seems like the most destructive drug ever.

    Please note, I put "I think" and "seems like" on all those negative reviews. If someone does not do a drug, either never tried or has quit, they seem to have a huge predjudice against that drug. And those predjudices seem to suaully be false stereo types, or just finding personal excuses not to do the drug. I have strong predjuddices against anything you snort or shoot.

    I think, with drugs, you have to ask, what do I want out of it, and what am I giving up to get it.

    One other thing that seems to help make drugs a positive experience, and works to prevent the negative aspects is ritualization. In cultures that use drugs for shamanistic reasons, you find very little abuse of the substances. There is regular use is a positive, though. The society in those cases does not require the substance, but it does benifit from it's use. And the rituals do not have to be complex or deep, justa mental warm up. Like always turning down the lights, lighting a few candles and incense, getting everyone comfy in a circle. Put some good music on. Then start passing the pipe. Or just going to someplace with a peaceful, relaxing view, out in nature. It's when you lose the ritual, and are just using the substance that abuse becomes far more likely.

  4. You've really grown as a photographer over the last few years. Post the picture that you have taken that you believe most accurately captures yourself as an artist.
    Hmmm... I don't think I have an identity as an artist (or webhosting to show off any pictures). I think I am good at landscapes, and so-so at portraits. One thing I often work on, and I am always impressed when photographers can do this, is show depth in a 2d image. When they can layer the scene and make the things in the images scale, just so. I also try very hard to get the picture right on the camera, and try to make the need to edit a picture on the computer a rare event.

  5. Out of the relationships that you have had, what wisdom have you garnered? What would you really like to find in the next person that you choose to be with?
    I need to learn to beable to tell the people I love "no." I want to spoil the ones I love. They make me feel so wonderful, so I continually shower them with gifts and the like, to make them feel as loved and wanted as they make me feel. I have always done this, and in retrospect, it was never a healthy thing to do. But I keep doing it.
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