A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Questions from saizai:

  1. You seem to be surrounded by hedonists. People with somewhat chaotic, promiscuous, or otherwise unusual sex lives, and people who indulge in alcohol and drugs for both recreational and theraputic purposes. This also seems to describe you. What do you like or not like about this?
    I like that people are enjoying themselves. I believe that if you are not enjoying life, you are doing something wrong. Do you work at your job because you love it? If you do, they you are very lucky. But the rest of the world works to get by, and use the remainder of their earning to enjoy life. I think this is a good way to live, with a smile on your face. I have trouble seperating sex and love. That is why I am not thet permiscuous. And I have seen many others with the same problem, and this often leads to drama. Drama is bad. As far as drugs. The problems are addiction. Overdose. Overuse. And legal issues. It's okay to indulge, just not to over indulge.
  2. You've probably heard the psychological cliches about people with a lot of humor - that it's a defense mechanism, an attack mechanism, etc. etc. etc. Do you think any of these accurately describe you? Why or why not?
    I think so. I am a fairly insecure person. People seem to enjoy my company, though I'm at a loss as to why. But I also find humor is a great ice breaker. It get's people relaxed and engaged. You just have to becareful about making fun of certain subjects around certain people, and it's not always easy to tell what's safe to joke around about. And as a final thing, humor is an aphrodesiac. When women are asked what 5 things they find attractive in men, about 95% of the time, humor is either number 1 or number 2.
  3. What were you first experiences with the drug(s) you have tried so far? Are there any you would *not* want to take again, or that you would not want to live without?
    First weed experience was with my old roomie. This was a little over three years ago. No one had ever offered me any before, and I was wondering what I had missed out on. It was pleasant. I remember it being like I was very drunk, but with no room spins or nausea. My first shroom experience was at Reggae On The River. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. The water, especially. The world looked like a hand colored photo, and the sparkles on the water looked like diamonds. I don't think I can describe my first e experience. It really is something that one has to experience to fully appreciate. My first, and all, acid experiences have sucked. I either just get a mild body high (tingly feeling) or I am totally riped form this world, and throwninto another diminsion of endless fractles (I don't find that pleasant). 2CB was at a desert party, and was undescribably beautiful watching the sunrise. Nitrous gave me a whole new appreciation for being stupid and listening to music, and sex. Nitrous and sex... Oh yes! DMT, too bizzare. A good description I have heard ."Load the universe into a cannon. Point the cannon at your brain. Fire." It was interesting, but you tire of it quickly. At least most people do. GHB is like e, but you end very tired, and then wake up completely refreshed (GHB is sold over the counter in many countries. It helps the body repair it's self from injury). Hmmmm.... There are a few more, but this list would never end...
  4. Would you prefer to build your (metaphorical and literal) dwellings on: stone or sand? The former is stable and unchanging, except when it has huge disasters that completely destroy everything. The latter is constantly shifting, and has frequent minor disruptions and shakeups. (This is somewhat related to the "tree vs. grass blade" fable.)
    Stone. I hate moving. I love small changes and new amusements, but I look to my home to be a source of stability in my life.
  5. Have you had experiences, or do you hold beliefs, of the mystical / magickal / metaphysical / energetic? What, why, how?
    I believe there are energies and things like it that we do not know of or understand. I think everything does have a scientific explination. If science can't explain it, it just means science has not advanced enough. I do believe in empathy of a sort, as I explained here.In a way, I have a belief similiar to the Hindu's, with their "Veil of Illusion", and that there is a lot that is around us that we can not sense. I think this is a limitation of our five senses. Just think of how the world would look if you could see the full spectrum of light (infrared and UV), or even into the x-ray range. Or we could hear a broader spectrum. Or if there are waves of a totally unknown sort that we are missing. As far as magic. I've often felt that magic is that which science hasn't figured out yet. Rationally, I do not believe in ghosts. But you know something, ?I get tingles up my spine and would swear I have experienced them. Science is still working on that one.

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