A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Simple questions from a complex man, hyperseth:

  1. when i met you you described your look as the "penis in a shirt," what's the phrase for your current image?
    A hair ball in grungy cloths.
  2. a wise man once told me to quit worrying about being 15 or 20 or whatever age he thought i was and to start worrying about being 30. what age do you plan for?
    I plan for tomorrow, maybe. I try to put some money asside when I can, to save up for something I might need or want later, but there is no definitive idea as to what that will be. Plans and goals often lead to frustration and failure. As time tables slip, finances disappear, your needs change. Often you can not achieve your goals, or by the time you do, your wants change. Just work toward very vague and general goals, so you are flexible in your wants.
  3. you've been the big g that all the little homies want to be, but what kind of big g do you want yourself to be?
    The little homies want to be me? News to me! I would like some financial security. I think that with that, everything else can fall into place.
  4. do you imagine the afterlife and the internet to be at all alike?
    I don't imagine the afterlife. There are too many random ideas as to what it is, and no evidence as to it's nature, or if it even exists.
  5. how can we best learn from the chronically old?
    Ask and listen. I am am always interested in history and peoples personal takes on events past. I love going hearing about adventures from days gone by. And most people are happy to tell them. You just need to ask and listen.

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