A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Beach trip, attempt number 2...

I was thinking the last weekend of September (this month) or the first weekend of October, depending on which weekend my Grandfather is not using it.

But brokenchains mentioned she would be in Portland the weekend of October 18th. So, Re, does this mean if we moved it you could go to the beach with us? My only concern about pushing it back is, the later it is, the worse weather we are likely to have.

So, who else wants to go? Sand. Waves. Friendly people. Relaxation. Watching skrape do that weird dance she does when she get's sand in her undies. We have a great view.

So far skrape and soshesays should be going.There is a large musty common room in the basement (and a baseroom with clothes washer and dryer, in case your closed get to dirty to pack). Upstairs, there are two bedrooms (but only one has a bed, and it's mine!), a bathroom, kitchen and living room. There should be bedding for four in the basement, another 4 could sleep in the living room. two or three in the bedroom sans bed. And then my room, I suppose I could share with one other person.

Anyway, who wants to go be a surfer bum for a weekend? :-)

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