A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

If I am elected President, I will enact legistation to make enlistment in a two year social/community service program compulsory. This can be community service employeed by state, federal, religious, or private organization. This can be done in the ?United States or Abroad, with my proposed Junior Peace Corp.

This will help the living standards of the starving and poor home and abroad. This will also educate the participants, showing them many of the social problems plagueing our nation, and those nations that are our friends.

The cost would be small, but the rewards home and abroad would be amazing. Some of the benifits include:

  • disease reduction
  • reduced homelessness
  • increased employment
  • education
  • improved population control
  • reductions in polution
  • improved international standing
  • long lasting friendsships and bonds
  • increased business and trade opertunities
  • global understanding and tolerance
  • reduced crime
  • peace

Many nations have compulsory military duty. The idea being that good fences make good neighbors. Rather than build fences, it is my strong belief that building stronger community would be of greater value. A happy person has a safe home, a secure job, a full belly, and hope for the future. A happy person does not pick up a gun and attack their neighbor.

We have an alarming number of people entering thier voting age with a mioptic view of the world. Often seeing issues only through the words of their parents and peers. This program would allow them to see first hand the issues plaguing the world, and let them see for them selves what solutions work, and which ones do not. Much like having a doctor who had only read text books, but had no experience with real patients. Would you trust that doctors diagnosis? We ask our voters and future leaders to cure the worlds problems, when many have no first and knowledge of those problems or the reasons behind the problems. This program will in the short term help hundreds of millions live to see tomorrow with our help. In the long term it will let the youth learn and gain the ability to formulate policy that will make it so those hundreds of millions can live on their own without help.

Vote Harrison in 2004!

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