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David Letterman must have been following me around yesterday...

David Letterman's Top 10 List...

10. Play adult movie really loud so neighbors think he's getting some action
9. Comb back hair in the shape of a heart
8. Give girlfriend a dozen roses -- watch in horror as thorn accidentally deflates her
7. Ask Janet Reno to reconsider her decision to see other people
6. At some point, utter those three magic words: "Table for one"
5. Wait by phone in case supermodel accidentally dials wrong number
4. Drive to state prison, see if anyone's up for a conjugal visit
3. Watch Barbra Streisand's final concert, sob like a baby
2. See taping of hilarious, hour-long comedy program -- then go see Letterman
1. "Be his own Valentine" five, maybe six times
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