A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Some people expressed an interest in going deer "hunting"*. I think we should do this this spring or summer, as snow is already dusting Mount Hood, so most other places we would go will be rather cold by the time regular deer hunting season rolls around in October.

So, this spring or early summer (before the fire season) I was thinking we could take our tents a good camping in some remote spot. But then I remembered a few of the people wanting to go do not have tents. D'oh! Then in today's Oregonian, they have an article on how you can rent old forest service lookout towers are $30-$40 a night, and some of them even have working toilets, so we wouldn't need to worry about packing out the human waste! (big plus in my book, as I'm the one with the pickup and would have been stuck with that job).

So, who is interested in going, and I should endevour to keep informed of our plans?

*: By "hunting", we mean stalking and photographing. My Sister and I used to love the family trip going deer hunting and loved tracking the deers through the forrest, etc. But neither of us have the desire to ever shoot a deer again. Why ruin a perfectly wonderful hunting trip by having to clean and haul a carcass? So, we and who ever else will go hunting with aour cameras, and who ever can get the best photo of a deer get's bragging rights, and maybe a small prize of some sort.

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