A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Tomorrow, at 3:47am, a good friend get executed.

That's right. My friends time will mercilessly end.

Goodbye Summer, we will miss you.

On the plus side, we're that much closer to Halloween. And so far my plans for a flaming scarecrow are being veto'd by the landlords.

My idea is to bolt or weld a metal cross, then take two metal buckets, cut them and bend them out so when one is put upside down on the other it forms a rough sphere. Cut out eye nose and a mouth and mount it on the top of the cross. The get some baling wire and use that to simulate straw. And Some very thin sheet metal, cut and bent and then painted and crumpled to make the clothes. Then a gas jet put into the head. Run some propane to it. Plant it in the front yard, and I have a flaming scare crow. And then a sound system so we can talk through it, and if I'm feeling REALLY ambitious, something to make it so I can turn the head or the whole body. I was thinking up at the head of the driveway, where it's ways from the trees, house, and bushes.

But like I said, the plan currently vetoed.

But I noticed at the store these lights that look like eyes that you put in the bushes, and they blink. Could be very spooky if done right.

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