A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Not everyone (myself included) may believe in god, but everyone is religious.

It has been said that democracy is American's religion, as we go around the world hyping the merits of democracy, and try to get others to join up in this ideology. But there are many other philosophies and causes that bring people to a religious fervor. While thses causes are not bad, it sometimes worries me how extreme people get in these beliefs, and the actions thwy are willing to take. One of the strongest beliefs in the United States is Capitalism. And there are some other very vocal religions, such as vegitarians and animal rights people. Even drug use has a religious nature about it, how users of one particular drug or another will congregate. Then they are offset by the zealotry of the anti-drug crowd, some of which even resort to violence (straight edge groups and song promoting violence apon others who do not hold their values).

The point is, with religion you get zealots. People who feel that their way is the only way. I just ask that people not be zealots, that they practice tolerence and understanding. When you disregard a person for one thing you disagree with, you are also shutting yourself off from the many positive aspect of that person.

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