A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I read this in the Oregonian this morning, but I can't find the article on their web site, so I'll try to do this from memory, so excuse me if I get the info wrong...

The Phelps are at it again. In "honor" of Matthew Shepards being murdered, the Phelps family is donating a huge stone memmorial type thing, to be put in a particular park, that say Matthew was accepted into hell on, and then they give the date of his murder. It seems the city, by law, can not refuse, as they accepted a stone monument honoring the 10 commandments and it is in the same park. The 10 commandments monument was donated some 20-30 years ago by the Eagles club. The Eagles have offered to take their monument back.

I see a couple ways out of this for the city.

One, they pass a law saying they have the right to refuse any donations.

Or two, the more fun one in my mind, the accept it, and at the unvailing party, they have a sledge hammer, and anyone can take a crack at smashing the Phelps monument.

If the Phelps donate it, it is then the cities property to do with as they see fit. I think it would be a great "stamp out hate" thing to let the people hurt by the Phelps hate take out their anger and frustration on the Phelps monument. I know I would love to take a few swings at it.

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