A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

A year or two ago I saw an article where they had put electrodesinto a cats nervous system and they were able to extract the image of what the cat saw. The idea being, once you figure out how the images signals are sent, and where they go, you could make artificial eyes. A very cool and noble idea.

Then I was thinking, "Boy it would be cool if they could make it so you could record still and motion pictures from eyes. No need to carry a digital camera, and you really do get what you see. Or, in the Kobi Bryant case, the girl (if her story is true. I'm still undecided) could record the whole thing. Or even just as a matter of course, always have it recording, so if you end up being killed, you can provide evidence as to who did it. All noble ideas, but then something occured to me.

Imagine the lack of privacy this will create. Every time someone walks into the locker room or restroom, it's being recorded. You having sex with someone, it's recorded. Everything you ever do in front of others is recorded, and they would have the ability to share those images.

So, do we learn to accept less privacy to enjoy greater technology? Or do we fight technology to keep our privacy?

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