A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

This is cool/silly idea. Making your own card game. I think I will need to steal the idea. So, who would like a Casa de Cesspool Memmorial Card Game? Cards of the people, the scores, and the party fouls. So, if I make a card of you, what will your card say? and your abilities and weaknesses be?

Some ideas...

White Rabbit: +50 if paired with a volkwagen. -500 if he tries to race motorcycles with it.
Couch O' Doom: On a coin toss you will either pass out on it and lose a turn or you will get laid.
Kentucy Fried Movie: +25 if you are Adam or Drew. -50 if you are anyone else.
Spill the bong water: -50 and no one will talk to you for two turns.
Buy non-alcoholic beer: -10 if you get non-alcoholic beer -10 more if you drink it.
A new 8th: +50 and no one may hurt you for one turn.
Lighter stolen: -30 from the preson it was stolen from +30 to the stealer, unless the stealer is caught, then -50 from the stealer and +50 to the lighter owner.

And I could go on and on... So, who thinks I should make it? Who is willing to help with ideas, rules, and art?

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