A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I've figured out how to get elected! Who needs issues when you can do it the "Arnold Way(TM)"?

(21:13:04) Bubber Lemming: i have sneaky idea..
(21:13:17) adameros: Sneaky? I like sneaky! ;)
(21:13:27) Bubber Lemming: buy me this!
(21:13:29) Bubber Lemming: :)
(21:14:22) Bubber Lemming: ;)
(21:14:37) adameros: I think the only way that would happen is if I get job, and I get the pleasure of enjoying whatever it contains when you are wearing it. ;)
(21:14:46) Bubber Lemming: hahaha
(21:15:38) Bubber Lemming: or you can just donate to my not-yet-created fund.. we can call it the 'make sure the cow didnt die in vain foundation'
(21:16:10) adameros: Call me old fashioned, but I don't like investing unless I see a return. ;)
(21:16:36) Bubber Lemming: well, you can SEE for sure.. past that is yet undecided :-D
(21:17:06) adameros: Let's prettend I'm blind. ;)
(21:17:26) Bubber Lemming: well if youre blind, i can always put someone else in your way ;)
(21:18:18) adameros: Now you are making me feel like you would try to swindle me. That's a sure way to make sure you don't get investors. ;)
(21:18:55) Bubber Lemming: hey, if you get sightless gropeage why does it make a difference whos on the receiving end? :-P
(21:20:12) adameros: Because I would hate for you to drug your brother and have me end up groping him instead. I don't think either of us would be happy with that. ;)
(21:20:32) Bubber Lemming: hahaha. i promise the person will have actual breasts..
(21:20:44) adameros: Ewww!!! Not your Mom!!!
(21:20:50) Bubber Lemming: hahaha
(21:20:53) Bubber Lemming: she doesnt HAVE breasts
(21:20:55) Bubber Lemming: ;)\
(21:21:26) adameros: Who would the potential person be, and would I be allowed enough groping to get me elected governor?
(21:21:49) Bubber Lemming: the first im not sure, the second probably depends on the first.. but ill see what i can do ;)
(21:22:46) adameros: Remember, it's got to launch my political carreer. I'm supposed to be running for president, you know. ;)
(21:22:56) Bubber Lemming: hehe
(21:23:12) Bubber Lemming: well, if i manage to work up a whole parade..

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