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Part three...

The back of the Broadway Building.

A very ritzy looking appartment building near Portland State University.

City Hall. Built in 1895, and restored in 1998, is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

That rock is actually a very expesive piece of art given to Portland by it's sister city in Japan. From what I remember, artst take these blocks of stone and carve them to look like they have been eroded in a river, with holes running through it. I know the city, when it got it, was having a hard time finding a place for it as it was supposed to go in city hall, but it was too big, and they didn't want to make a diplomatic faux pas. How it resides in a park across the street from city hall.

Please look in the comments below. Someone have, thankfully, stopped me from running my mouth off about things I don't know well enough. :-)

City Hall with the Portland Building. It provaides a good contrast in the variety of architecture you will find in Portland. The Portland Building, completed in 1982, was the firstfirst major postmodern structure in the United States. Supposedly designed to represent the northwest wna an AAmerican Indian motif, using turquoise and earth tones. I think it looks like a huge Christmas gift.

I think that is the Wells Fargo Tower, but I am really not sure.

Portlands three tallest buildings the Wells fargo Tower, at 40 stories and 546 feet, the Bancorp Tower, at 40 stories and 536 feet, and finally the KOIN Tower, at 35 stories and 509 feet.

This is the park across the street from the Civic Auditorium. I have a bunch more pictures of this park with it's amazing water falls in the next post.

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