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Tired of pictures yet?

Some of the decoration at a city run parking garage. Portland has a very strict commity dedicated to just ensuring that all new buildings are astetically pleasing.

Give that guy a ticket! Going the wrong way down a do not enter AND parking on the side walk.

The arches by Skidmore Fountain.

The Skidmore Fountain it's self. When the Skidmore Fountain opened in 1888, brewer Henry Weinhard offered to pump beer from his brewery (via Portland's fire hoses) into the fountain's pipes. This festive gesture was vetoed, however, by the city's leaders, who feared residents would help themselves to beer by poking holes in the fire hoses. So today, as on opening day, the Skidmore Fountain runs with water. The Fountain's upper bowl is supported by four* female figures. The bottom pool, once a place for residents to quench their thirst, still has brass rings that help community copper cups. Four lower troughs, filled with spill ver from the bottom pool, were designed for the convenience of dogs and horses. This fountain, which is the oldest piece of public art in the city, is inscribed, "Good Citizens are the Riches of a City." (From Secret Portland)

*Actually, it's just two female figures. I found online a picture from 1888 when the fountain was put in, and it was only two then also. So, I think Secret Portland is in error on this one. Does anyone know if there were four women supporting it at any point in time?

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