A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Benson Fountains and stuff.

These are called Benson Fountains. They can be found all over Portland and are good places to get a drink when you are hiking all over the city.

Another excerpt from Secret Portland:
Portland owes it's "refreshing" atmosphere to lumber barron and philanthropist Simon Benson. While walking through his mill one day, Benson noticed the smell of alcohol on his workers' breath. When Benson asked the men why they drank in the middle of the day, they replied there was no fresh drinking water to be found downtown. Upon hearing this, Benson proceeded to commission 20 elegant freshwater drinking fountains, now known as Benson bubblers. Beer consumption in the city reportedly decreased 25percent after the fountains were installed. Today you can still drink from the Benson bubblers in the downtown area. Like Art Nouveau metro signs in Paris, the bubblers add an elegant touch to the sidewalk scenario.

Downtown Portland street lights. These are all over down town, dating back to the gas light days. Beyond that I don't know much of their history.

And now to finish off with some pictures from house sitting and Halloween....

My Grandfather's living room.

Me, with bed head.

Thai, my Grandfather's cat.

Me, first thing in the morning. Aren't I sexy when I'm looking for breakfast? ;)

My cousin's daughter, Aliyah, ready to go trick or treating as a "Diva".

Aliyah under the blacklight.

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