A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Why does the plural on pounds switch back and forth? Take these two examples:
  1. This rock is sixty pounds.
  2. This is a sixty pound rock.

You still have multiple pounds, so why is pound plural in one case and not the other? Or is this just another example of the English Language being stupid? (i.e., breaking it's own rules.)

What made me think of that? "Lbs" being short for pounds (sort of... You will see in a minute), ending in an "s" has always made me think it was a plural (which I found out lbs IS the plural of lb).

But where does lb come from? It is short for Libra, which was a Roman unit of measurement, which was roughly 12 onces (not the 16 our pounds are). And in case you were wondering, the plural of Libra is Librae.

So, anyway, with pounds, why the switch in pluralization?

And if I weigh 200lbs, does that mean I should only weigh 150 pounds? ( (200 * 12)/16=150 ) Cool!!! I don't need to diet! Where the hell did I put all that Halloween candy, I need to put on some weight! ;)

So... Would this make Libra's weight obsessed?

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