A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

In randomquestions, flirtykatiegurl poses the question:

Do you agree with partial birth abortion being outlawed?

Are you pro-choice, pro-life, or somewhere in between?

As this is going to be a hot topic for a bit, as the courts just put an injunction on the partial birth abortion ban, I thought I would state my opinion on the matter here (and as a comment to her post), so it is out there, and people aren't posing the question to me over and over. Which people have been known to do for some unknown reason.

My response:

Oh sure, go for the "easy" issues. ;)

My views. My opinion was asked. That does not mean I wish to debate my views.

First on abortion in general. I think the world is WAY over populated. I am infavor birthcontrol in most fashions, other than forced sterilization. This includes abortion.

I also feel abortion is a womans issue. In that Imean, this is something that is done to a womans body, and I think women deserve more say in this than men. And in my observations, I see far more men against abortion than women. And most of the women I know are pro abortion. Well, sort of. Of those who are pro-choice also say they would likely not have an abortion, but support the right for a woman to have the choice open to them.

There are options other than abortion, but the fact is, pregnency is very hard on a womans body, and it affects a womans ability to work. And in some communities, depending on how the pregnency came about, it could cause a lot of shame or social osterization for the woman.

I also feel that laws should be made out of social need, not religious beliefs. I feel that most anti-abortion people feel the way they do out of religious convictions. I think if you pass laws on religious conviction, then you are in effect forcing that religion on others, and I do not feel that is right.

So, I am pro-choice.

Late term abortion? I have mixed feelings about it. I think it should be allowed when there is medical need for it (and at times there are). But I think if it is solely an elective abortion, I would think the woman could get the abortion earlier (with some exceptions).

Exceptions? What possable exceptions, you might ask. What if the Father skips town or dies? Or something happens where the parents do not feel they could care for the child? I think it's acceptable to have the abortion then, but I think it should be discouraged, so only the most sure of this decision chhoose to opt for late term abortion.

So, I think late term abortions should be allowed, but discouraged. If you are going to have an abortion, get it as soon as you can. That's my feeling, anyway.

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