A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Some pictures from today. We went to a antique store, a bottling plant a friend of my Mom's is setting up, and Hagens, where they are already selling the Pointsettas(sp?).

The first one is from when the most evil of all Oregon groups, the fascist Oregon Citizens Alliance (interting that of all the Oregon Citizens I know, known of them are part of this "alliance") tried to pass some anti-gay laws. It was very heart warming to see so many Portlanders wearing buttons fighting them and their repressive ways.

The second just amuzed me. I think I will need to think up a parody of it at some point.

The third was calling me. I wish I had the money to spare. What geek could be complete without a "May The Force Be With You" button?

This is a huge water vat for the bottling plant. They were supposed to be up and running in 4 days, but the fires in California has delayed the delivery of some of their equiptment by two weeks, so this warehouse, almost totall empty will be filled with machinery in two weeks, and will be bottling a variety of sodas. It's relly impressive how quickly they get it all set up. The part that was hardest and took langest in this whole thing was getting the loan.

Awww... Aren't the pretty? Yes. But it's too fucking early!!! I thought Christmas season started with Thanksgiving. Why the fuck have I seen NO Thanksgiving decorations at stores this year, and they are alreay with the Christmas stuff? It's just wrong.

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