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The astrological dating guide, from aaangyl:

Dating Guide

Aries Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Aries to ensure a successful date. Sky-diving, car races, skiing, adventure travel, dinner date with Mexican or tapas or other hot food, dancing, go to a club for live music, go bowling, play pool in a bar, play miniature golf, go to a cafe for coffee, attend a sporting event, go rock-climbing indoor or outdoor, go to a carnival or a fair

You & Your Aries

Step right up and catch your Aries' eye. Let them notice what a prize you are -- and then let them try to win you. Take a bold approach -- your Aries will appreciate your forwardness as well as your independent spirit. Be up for anything, whether it's a midnight rendezvous at the beach or a ride on whitewater rapids. Brace yourself: An Aries will surprise you no matter what you're ready for. Every day is a different adventure. Get ready to enjoy an always energetic and ever-so-romantic courtship. Expect fun: Your Aries will carry you away in a flurry of bouquets, balloons and little treats you could never expect. Learn to lay back and enjoy, as your Aries lover will sweep you up in a whirlwind of passion. Take pride in your Aries' irrepressible spirit . Bask in your Ram's radiance -- they will be the winner of the race, the life of the party or the star of your own private, personal show.

Never cling too tightly or chase too hard. Your Aries will quickly take steps to preserve their freedom. Don't be too critical of them or their friends. Avoid being overly critical -- they will get hurt and leap to defend. Don't hold a grudge, either. Don't try to get some extra attention by flirting with others or by bringing up past flings. These tricks will surely backfire with an Aries, who would prefer that you leave the past where it belongs and give your present relationship full attention. Don't decide you are not in the mood once you lure your Aries into your arms. Your Aries will take it to mean you don't want them any more, even if this is opposite of the truth. Try to dampen your Aries' spirit or quench that zest for life. Your partner, as well as your relationship, will be hurt. High spirits and exuberance are part and parcel of the Ram's personality.

Taurus Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Taurus to ensure a successful date. Go to a restaurant for a sweet and chocolatey dessert, spend a romantic evening in a 5 star hotel, go for a walk in the park, go to the opera, go to a cafe for coffee, go hot-tubbing, go to a Shakespeare play in the park, have a wine and cheese picnic at the beach or park, spend a cozy evening in a cabin, go for a walk in a botanical garden, take a Japanese flower arranging class, get a joint massage or spa treatment

You & Your Taurus

Cook your Taurus their favorite meal -- complete with candlelight and romantic music. Take the time to make it special -- they will appreciate the good food, gorgeous setting and great company. Be ready to share quality time with your Taurus, cuddling will always be a favorite. Expect return support -- this Sign will always be there for you when you need them, with open arms and an open heart. Be supportive of their career choices and the day-to-day work that they do. Expect them to be generous -- they will strive to provide the two of you with the fruits of labor. Taurus loves the finer things in life, and they believe that a partner should share in them. Take every opportunity to give subtle but sincere compliments. Your Taurus will accept and appreciate the confidence boost. Be patient, loving and always encouraging as your Taurus builds up steam. They will eventually show you how completely fulfilling a relationship can be.

Never break a date or not be at home at the hour your Taurus is supposed to call. Don't be unpredictable -- this Sign will take your action to heart. Taurus is dependable, and expect a partner to be equally so. Try not to rush, pull or push a Taurus into making a decision -- you'll wear yourself out and irritate them in the process. Never be impatient -- Taurus will absolutely take their time. Avoid being stubborn -- once a Taurus' mind is made up, don't try to change it. This Sign is known for being utterly implacable once they form a opinion. Don't be wishy-washy -- If you aren't sure you want a serious relationship, don't start one with a Taurus. Try not to question your relationship -- relationships are very important to the Bull, and once they commit, they stay committed. Never overspend and jeopardize financial stability. Don't be too controlling of finances -- your Taurus may take total control of the checkbook to ensure that things stay within the budget.

Gemini Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Gemini to ensure a successful date. Go to a book or poetry reading in a cafe or bookstore, attend a party together, go for a picnic, play a game, go dancing, spend the day at the zoo, go hang-gliding, go hot air ballooning, go to a drive-in movie, take a trip to Las Vegas, go to a science museum, go to a cafe or bar for a drink, take a yoga class together, go for a walk at midnight together, take a helicopter tour, fly a kite together, go to an air show

You & Your Gemini

Enjoy the game of flirting with your Twins. Be flexible and open -- your Gemini will want to play, and you may not be the only partner. Be elusive, seductive and always slightly out of reach. A Gemini enjoys a chase. Be well-read, well-informed and a very good listener. Be talkative -- your Twins will engage you in hours of fascinating and entertaining conversation. Use your mind, as well as your body, to make love. A Gemini will respond the strongest to a partner who stimulates their mind. Always give Gemini the freedom that they need. They will broaden your horizons and teach you how to thoroughly appreciate everything life has to offer. Keep up -- if you bore your Gemini, they will be gone faster than you can blink.

Never tell your Gemini to stop flirting. Gemini is a natural social butterfly, and won't understand why you want to repress their instinct. Try not to be a bad conversationalist or a bad audience. Gemini becomes bored easily, and may not want to save the conversation for another time. Don't question everything that's going on in your Gemini's mind. They will not appreciate an intrusion into their complex and convoluted thought process. Avoid being too traditional -- if you want to spend every hour in bed, you may have to get used to some unexpected behavior. Don't act too surprised -- they may bring a Scrabble board, some crackers and cheese, and a novel into bed with the two of you. Try not to tie down or hold back a Gemini. They will slip through your fingers like quicksilver.

Cancer Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Cancer to ensure a successful date. Go for a dessert, cook your date a candle-lit gourmet meal at home, feed the ducks, rent a movie together, go to the museum, go swimming together, go for a long walk on the beach around a lake, do a joint spa treatment or massage, go to an aquarium together, go sailing together, go ice-skating

You & Your Cancer

Treat your Cancer to a home cooked meal, or pick them flowers from your garden. Focus on them -- they need the attention -- and appreciate the tokens of material security. Learn to enjoy quiet, private evenings at home. They will show you how fulfilling these times can be. Remember and commemorate 'special days,' such as Valentine's Day and the anniversary of your first date. Enjoy their nurturing nature -- they will protect you from the harsh world on all the other days of the year. Be a caring companion and an emotional ballast. Your Cancer will engulf you in love and emotion. Show your Cancer how much you appreciate the emotional richness of your life together. Open your heart -- they will show you how to give and receive emotionally, trust completely and find true security in a relationship.

Never make fun of your Cancer, even if you think you're being gentle. They will take you seriously, and could get very hurt or angry. Don't let yourself be influenced by this Sign's mood swings. Your Cancer will take you on an emotional roller coaster that will leave your head spinning! Don't expect to be the boss of a Cancer; they won't be stepped on. Emotional Cancer has definite ideas of what they want, and can be a bit manipulative when it suits them. Don't be too pushy at first or too rough later on. Your Cancer will lash out or shrink away from this kind of treatment. Cancers prefer to be petted or adored. Never treat family matters lightly or flippantly. Your Cancer may determine that you undervalue loved ones and domestic life, both of which Cancer holds dear.

Leo Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Leo to ensure a successful date. Go for a fancy meal, go to the theater or cabaret, go to the opera, go to a ball, attend a hip or high-society or celebrity party, go to the opening night of a wildly popular movie, see a world-class singer in concert, take a trip to a casino or play poker together, take a trip to the horse races, take a helicopter trip around the Grand Canyon, take a tour of a movie set or studio

You & Your Leo

Make sure that you tell your Leo how bright, beautiful and golden they are. Enjoy the rewards of such compliments -- they will accept them eagerly, and will reciprocate by showering you with gifts and tokens of affection. Be willing to give your Leo the spotlight. They will share it with you, and will also share that natural Leo sunshine. Enjoy and encourage your Leo's sense of humor. Not only will they keep you constantly entertained, they will also brighten your day. Learn to be the submissive one at times -- and learn to like it! Your Leo will force you to submit to your most delicious fantasies. Show your Leo how important they are to you. Open your heart -- this Sign can be more than just a lover; they can be your soul mate.

Don't ignore your Leo or forget that you had plans, unless you don't want to see them anymore. They will think that you don't care if you aren't there. Avoid trying to tell a Leo what to do, and don't try to take charge. Leos do not like to give up control; they like to have things their way. Never insist on having the spotlight, even if you only want it half the time. Your Leo will miss it. The Lion needs to be the focus of attention almost all the time. Don't take your Leo's vanity down a few notches. This may hurt them more seriously than you realize. A Leo ego is often fragile and easily bruised. If you criticize a Leo in public, you're committing a major breach of trust. Their spotlight will be stolen and their ego will be bruised. Ouch!

Virgo Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Virgo to ensure a successful date. Go rollerblading, go hiking, feed the ducks, go to the museum, play miniature golf, take a walk in a botanical garden, go wine tasting or go to a wine bar, go to an art exhibit opening, spend a night in a Bread and Breakfast, go horse-back riding, go for a simple but elegant meal, take a walking tour of your city, go horse-back riding

You & Your Virgo

Present a close-to-flawless exterior and interior. The perfectionist side of your Virgo will be drawn to the perfection they see in you. Be patient and accepting of the Virgoan attention to detail. Benefit by your patience -- they will take a diligent and detailed approach to making your life better. Show your Virgo how impressed you are by their constant efforts to improve their surroundings. They will work even harder to provide you with a picture-perfect home. Be a friend and an intellectual companion, as well as a lover. Virgos are usually possessed of sharp wit and powerful analytic abilities. A Virgo needs a partner who can appreciate and cultivate these qualities. Try to remain at ease if your Virgo criticizes or overanalyzes you. A Virgo will eventually realize that even Virgos are not perfect.

Don't allow yourself to get lax or sloppy at home. Your Virgo's sense of order, which is especially pronounced close to be home, will be affronted by your laziness. Never pick at your Virgo, even if they pick at you. Your Virgo may take your criticism to heart, and feel bad that they're not up to your standards. Avoid expecting too much -- if you want complete and total attention at all times, you may be disappointed. Virgo is the 'Sign of Service,' and will often take time to lend a hand to a friend or coworker. Try not to feed your Virgo something they don't like. They are exacting and specific about the kinds of food that enters their body. Don't ever underestimate the bedroom habits of a Virgo. Virgo perfectionism carries over into the bedroom, and you'd better appreciate it!

Libra Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Libra to ensure a successful date. Go for a dessert, attend a book or poetry reading, play a game, go to the opera or theater or ballet, go to a party, attend an art opening, take a walk in a botanical garden, attend an outdoor music festival, play tourist in your town, go to a restaurant where you can share your food (Chinese), watch an art film together, go hot air ballooning, take helicopter tour, fly a kite together, go to an air show, get a joint massage or spa treatment, watch a sunset together

You & Your Libra

Strive to keep circumstances mellow and harmonious. Libra, symbolized by the Scales, appreciates it when things are balanced. Cultivate an interest in fine arts and literature. Your Libra will show you the value of music, art and poetry. Indulge your Libra with little extravagances and constant compliments. Enjoy the rewards -- they will make sure to always be beautiful and sensual for you. Ask your Libra's opinion about things that are going on in your life. Your Libra will like to have an equal say about things, and can often help you make a reasonable, balanced decision. Understand that with a Libra, life is about constantly weighing factors: cause and effect, good and bad. Librans bring balance and serenity into the lives that they touch.

Don't expect your Libra to make snap decisions, even if it's only a question of what to eat for breakfast. Librans like to weigh alternatives and can be indecisive. Never suggest that your Libra is looking sick or tired -- you may make them worry all night and all the next day. The Scales take pride in having a fresh, youthful appearance. Try not to be inflexible or without spontanaity -- if you like things to be set in stone, you may be annoyed by this Sign at times. Librans can be quite capricious. Avoid pushing your Libra into making a major decision. They like to think the important things through slowly and carefully. Forget focusing on your Libra's laziness, self-indulgence or arrogance. These traits may manifest if you constantly tell your Libra about them.

Scorpio Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Scorpio to ensure a successful date. Go to the theater, play a game, take a cruise (short or long), go to a suspense movie, play paint-ball, go swimming, go to the museum, go hot-tubbing, attend a sporting event, do some late-night star watching, go to a carnival or fair together, go to an improv night together and participate, go sailing together, spend an evening star-watching, go ice-skating, go to a costume party

You & Your Scorpio

Look as scrumptious as possible whenever you're in your Scorpio's presence. They will appreciate natural sex appeal -- or what appears to be natural. Get ready and willing to talk in great detail about your fantasies and your dirty little secrets. Share all: Your Scorpio will want to know all your hidden desires and will probably want to fulfill them. Invest in some satin sheets and scented candles. Your Scorpio will provide the seduction music and the massage. Become comfortable with the feeling that you're being devoured head to toe by the intense Scorpionic gaze. When your Scorpio stares into your eyes, they won't have to say a word for you to know what's on their mind. Let go: You will enter into a deeper, more intense relationship than you might have imagined possible. Your Scorpio will be the most passionate, magnetic all-consuming partner you have ever known.

Never accuse a Scorpio of being faithless or toying with your emotions. They will take it as a serious insult. Scorpio is one of the most faithful and devoted Signs. Don't even think about arousing a Scorpio's jealousy, either intentionally or thoughtlessly. Your Scorpio could lash out violently, becoming angry or overly possessive. Avoid teasing a Scorpio about their performance in bed. Scorpions are renowned for their sexual prowess, and they usually are quite proud of their reputation. Forget launching your own emotional fireworks or dramatic displays without considering the consequences. Your Scorpio may counteract with an intensity that you're not willing or able to match.

Sagittarius Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Sagittarius to ensure a successful date. Go camping, take a long and beautiful road trip together, take a canoe out on a lake, go to the zoo, go bowling, go to a casino, go to a comedy club, play miniature golf, attend a sporting event, go to a carnival, trip to Las Vegas, go to the horse races, create a surprise date, go to a variety show, go to a dinner theater event, go whale-watching, go horse-back riding, go star-watching, go big game fishing

You & Your Sagittarius

Keep the bright, happy side of your personality showing. Your Sagittarius will set the example, displaying an ever cheerful and optimistic nature. Give your Sagittarius the emotional and physical freedom that they need. Learn -- they will teach you how to obtain and treasure that freedom in your own life. Keep a travel kit complete with a few essential outfits and toiletries packed at all times. Your Sag will whisk you away at a moment's notice to secluded spots or exotic destinations. Appreciate a good practical joke, a roller coaster ride or a hike through a national forest. Your Sagittarius will introduce you to all these diversions and more. Be enthusiastic, energetic and ever ready for adventure. Enjoy all sides of the relationship -- Sagittarius can be your playmate, your inspiration and your best friend.

Try not to subject your Sag to the darker, more negative side of your personality. The Archer needs to see the positive side of life, even if it means ignoring your depression. Never tell a Sag that you're right and they're wrong. They like to feel that they have the best answer to any question or situation. Don't try to keep your Sagittarius in a small, confined area, no matter how plush it is. They will feel cramped or caged and will need to escape. Avoid turning a blind eye to the Sagittarian fondness for betting. Some Sagittarians can't restrain themselves when it comes to the tables, the sports book or gambling in general. Don't be impatient with the relationship -- if you expect declarations or demonstrations of eternal love, your patience may be tested. Sagittarians are independent, and will likely not fall in love quickly or demonstrate it too effusively.

Capricorn Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Capricorn to ensure a successful date. Go for a fancy meal, go wine tasting or to a wine bar, go to a museum, go to the theater or opera, go ballroom dancing, go to a swank bar with a view, spend a night in a 5 star hotel, play tennis or golf together at a country club, take a yacht or harbor cruise, hire a limo for night and cruise around town with some champagne, go to a dinner theater event, get front-row seats to a popular concert, get a joint spa treatment

You & Your Capricorn

Discover what outward image most appeals to your Capricorn -- and adopt it. A Capricorn is likely to respond quickly to this, as appearances mean a lot to this Sign. Be understanding of your Capricorn's devotion to work and desire to succeed. They will want to succeed for your sake as well as their own. Give your Capricorn thoughtful gifts that show your devotion and your ability to manage your bank account. They will appreciate the gesture, as well as the way you manage your money. Be patient and understand that good things come to those who wait. Capricorn, once ready, will commit to you completely and will become the most dependable and constant force in your life. Always mean what you say and do what you say you will do. Your Capricorn will show you how to be persistent, faithful and dedicated.

Don't even think about making your Goat look stupid in public. Caps hate being humiliated, especially in front of others. Never be too wildly extravagant with the purchases you make -- your Capricorn may make you return what you bought. This Sign does not approve of frivolous spending, even on their behalf. Don't go back on your word. This Sign appreciates integrity and follow-through much more than fancy speeches and empty promises. Don't expect this Sign to relax after a few dates. Capricorn is the most serious of all the Signs, and it may take a while for them to lighten up. If you criticize your Cap for being so devoted to their job, their family or anything else, you're criticizing what makes them special. Capricorns are endowed with a deep sense of loyalty and will always work for the benefit of the people and causes that they consider important.

Aquarius Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Aquarius to ensure a successful date. Go snowboarding together, play a virtual-reality game, go to the zoo, go to a political rally, go to a conference, take a midnight hike in the forest, go skinny dipping, cook sushi together, go to an interactive art exhibit, go skydiving, go camping, take a yoga class together, go rock-climbing indoor or outdoor, go for dinner at a really foreign food place, go parasailing, fly a kite together, go to an air show

You & Your Aquarius

Become comfortable talking about a wide variety of different topics. Your Aquarius will have something to add on every topic, and they will surprise and delight you with their eclectic mind. Surprise your Aquarius -- give them a genuine Venus Flytrap, a hypnotic 3-D poster or a hand-woven Guatemalan sweater. Your Aquarius loves surprises -- the more original, the better. Keep yourself at a safe distance emotionally, at least at first. Aquarius is a detached Sign in some ways, and Aquarians need space to be happy. Appreciate your Aquarian's devotion to special causes and ideals. They will show you the value of making the world a more advanced and creative place. Become intimate with your the mind of your Aquarius before their body. They will captivate you mentally and intrigue you completely.

Don't be too exacting -- if you demand punctuality or total dependability, you're in for some frustrating times. Aquarians act according to whim and are often in their own world. Never demand a serious relationship early on -- and never try to be the only thing in your Aquarius' universe. They need space to explore, and time to devote to the world at large. Forget trying to change the Water Bearer's mind, even if you don't agree with your Aquarius' viewpoints on some issues. Your Aquarius will probably have some deep-seated and intractable beliefs about the way the world should work. Try not to lure an Aquarius into your arms when their mind is elsewhere. They may turn down the invitation. Worse, they might not even notice that you gave it. Avoid trying to influence this Sign's fashion sense. It may be wild, tropical or totally inappropriate, but Aquarians like to dress differently from the crowd.

Pisces Dating Guide
Here are some things you can do with Pisces to ensure a successful date. Bring them to a book or poetry reading, go to the theater, go to a movie, spend a day at the zoo, go swimming, go to a drive-in movie, play pool in a bar, go to the museum, take them to the opera, go to a cafe for coffee, go to an aquarium, go sailing together, go wine tasting, go to an aquarium, go for a walk in a Japanese garden, go whale-watching, go ice-skating

You & Your Pisces

Learn to let tragic movies or dramatic pieces of music bring a tear to your eye. Your Pisces will appreciate your sensitivity -- and will kiss your tears away. Get in touch with your compassion and inner love for every being in the universe. Your Pisces can help you to empathize with all the forces out there, and help you understand why they deserve your love. Learn how to communicate a thousand expressions of love -- all without saying a word. Your Pisces will be able to read your soul by looking into your eyes. Be a good support to your Pisces; learn how to ground them without dragging them too far down to earth. Your Pisces will teach you how to notice shooting stars and pictures in the clouds. Think of ways to show your Pisces that a true love story of the classic variety can exist between the two of you today. They will, in turn, show you how this love story can last forever. Enjoy good art and fine wine -- your Pisces will love you for it.

Don't rely on your Pisces to be the financially astute one in the relationship. A Pisces would often rather leave financial matters up to others; their mind is in a different place. Don't reproach a Pisces too harshly for being a daydreamer instead of a doer. The Fish are known for being in tune with the spiritual, not the material. Never knock old-fashioned, hearts-and-flowers true love. Pisces believe that it exists, and are not going to be satisfied with a casual affair instead. Be careful not to step on your Pisces by accident; you may injure their feelings without even noticing. A Pisces might not yell or throw things when they get hurt, but they feel it very deeply all the same. Never treat your Pisces too casually; don't toy with them or let them see you play the field. A Pisces does not like this behavior, as it goes against their ideas about true love and spiritual connection. Do not subjugate their artistic impulses -- this is a truly creative Sign, and you may be standing in the way of their happiness and a fine piece of art.
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