A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Let me understand this... I post one long post yesterday, and people get upset. Now, with my normal posting pattern, it would have been split up with one post per start sign, and not cut tags, and from past experience, no one would have gotten upset.

So what is the difference here? Is it the load time? I can't believe that, as the pictures I post are far larger (data wise) and take longer to load. Is it the screen restate? If I do 12-15 posts in a day, I take up even more space, due to all the time stamps and header info. And it's text, so it's not like a wide assed image that fucks with your screen formatting.

Maybe people just love looking at my icons and don't care about the posts, so if it's long, but only one icon, it's bad.

Could it be that you have to skim past it repeatedly? I doubt that, unless people regularly go back and read the same posts over and over. Odds are, people just read back until they find a post they already read, and stop. So, likely they only had to skim though it once.

So, it must be the icons. Maybe I should do a post just full of icons to entertain those people.

There are few things I hate more than people telling me how and what to post in my journal. This is not a community. it is MY journal. I don't go into your journal and dictate to you how you should or should not be posting. I could see there being a problem if I was putting up nudes, and you are worried about your HR department getting pissy, but I'm not. It's text. Plain straight text, with nothing slalacious in it. In fact, it was pretty fucking vanilla as far as the internet is considered.

Ahhh... Maybe that's it. I've beening doing it wrong. The boring stuff should be behind a cut tag, and the raunchy stuff should be out in the open where it's easier to get at!

Note to self: Fill my journal with icons of me whacking off. It's what the people want.

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