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Dec. 16th, 2003 @ 09:48 am (no subject)
Planning for year 2004's social excursions.

Next year I should be going to India. That would be a two week trip, and I only have two weeks of vacation. So my social excursions will be limited to weekend voyages.

Two things that have been brought up, and people have expressed an interest in:

  • Beach Trip: My grandfather has beach front property on the Oregon Coast, and it was a tradition in college, to have a fun weekend there every spring break. I would like to continue this tradition. I'm thinking the weather should be good enough in April or May. Who want's to go?
  • Photo Safari: most of us have cameras, and most of those are of the digital variety. The idea if a camping trip where we all bring our cameras and see who can get the best wildlife photos. You can be the big powerful big game hunter, over flowing with machismo, but with a camera instead of a gun. If we go to the coastal range, it's dense forest and mountainy , but should be safe to have a camp fire. If we go to Eastern Oregon, where there a small clumps of forrest, with huge meadows, and rolling hills or plains, but would be fire restricted (if it's acceptable to the Forest Service, I could bring a firebowl). Also, an option in both cases is renting an old Forest Service look out (some of which do have working toilets). So, who feels like being a mighty "hunter"?

Any other ideas?
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