A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

A minor pet peeve with the antiwar effort (which I do support).

First, let me say, I think it was a mistake to go to war with Iraq. Second, I think that now that we are there we should get out as quickly as we can, but... I think the country does need to be stablized before we pull out.

That said, while I lament the injuries and loss of life our forces have endured, I do not think we are "losing". When you are at war, the numbers game is a question of who is losing more lives and suffering more injuries. The Iraqi insurgents are definately losing. Even after the "end of major combat" the U.S. loses have been very light compared to the enemy.

I hate it when people misrepressent information or lie to me. I hate it when our administration does it. I hate it when the peace movement does it.

Yes we are "winning", but ever life we lose seems to be a life lost for mere corporate gain.

So, in your effort, either for or against the occupation of Iraq, please do not ignore facts that hurt your own arguement. If you do, and you intentionally obscured those facts in your statements, it make you to look like a liar and makes others question everything you have to say.

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