A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

First off, if you see a white Toyota Tundra driven by an old white guy with a full beard in the Bull Mountain area, drive the bastard off the road!!!!!

Second off, BMW drivers (present company excluded) once again reclaimed the crown as the most dangerous drivers, right after a Tundra driver briefly took the crown.

This morning, I pulled out on to Bull Mountain road, and there was a truck coming up the hill, but was way down at the bottom. Before I had gone half a block he was already on my bumper and honk at me, and giving me the finger. And he keep riding my bumper. After the S’s, her tries to pass in that no passing zone, but there is on coming traffic and he pulls back. Then he tries again, and there is on coming traffic, and instead of pulling back, he almost pushes me in to a ditch!!!!!

Finally, I get down town, and I’m walking from the parking lot. I have the walk sign (and old one), and some white BMW goes blazing past (running an obvious red) almost hitting me.

One of those mornings it’s a good thing I’m not armed, or I would be doing all I could to make the road a safer place.
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