A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I know the residents of Oregon have decided they would like the state to go bankrupt, and as my fiscally lacking brethren got their way, I doubt my dream will ever come true.

My dream... I would love a vista point on I-5, on the Tewilliger Hill. As it is, I regularly see people (including me) enjoying the veiw, and not driving safely. I think we need a little pull off where people can safely park, take a gander, and then be on their merry way.

Anyway, back to my intelligence/monetary-sense lacking fellow Oregonians... The voted down Measure 30. This would tax the average person about $100/year. Right now Oregon is ranked 44th when it comes to taxes. With Measure 30, we would have been ranked 37th. Because this tax was not approved, teachers and school days will be cut. College funding will be cut. Health services will be cut. Etc, etc, etc.

And thing my wonderfully intelligent co-Oregonains fail to realize is with the increase in insurance costs allow, to cover the uninsured people now not covered by the Oregon Health Plan, insurance hikes alone will likely cost each of use more than the Measure 30 would have.

Thank you my fellow Oregonians, you have collectively shot us all in the foot.

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