A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Now that dk's roommate, divamatrix, has added a few of us as friends, I think we should all make up stories about DK to scare her.

Now presenting (typos, gramatical errors, and all) our new web show, "This Could Be DK's Life!!!"

Jason was born and raised by a Harleye Davidson sect of the Amish community. But rifts soon formed as Jason out grow Barn Raising cruise-ins and joined a Rastafarian GTi cult.

As we all know the Harley lovin' Amish are sworn enemies of the GTi revin' Rastafarians, which lead to Jason's parents sending some bible toting cyclists after him. This resulted in a high speed chase, in which Jason rolled his much beloved GTi and ended up in the hospital.

At this point Jason understood the danger he was in and went into hiding. Since he was in the hostpital already he opted for plastic surgery to disguise himself. To understand how radical the change was you have to relize he was the stunt double for Gilber Gottfried in Aladin.

It was in the hospital Jason was recruited by Olly North to research possible ways of funding freedom fighter through the vices of those in Lodi, California.

Little did Olly know he was actually a double agent working for as in infiltrator in the republican party for Ralph Nader. While Jason was very successful in this role spying on the republicans, there were a few suspicions. As Jason had absolutely no prblem yelling, "Kill 'em all," but he had trouble with the, "and let God sort them out," bit.

Eventually he left, and is currently laying low somewhere in the southwest. Rumor has it, following the current cross dressing rage stemming from "Hedwig and the Angery Inch", Jason is is currently doing an adult off-off-off broadway remake of "The Muppets Take Manhatten" and has been getting standing ovations in his roll as Janice.

Good night, and thank you for watching, "This Could Be DK's Life!"

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