A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Thank siwwy_wabbit for the comic and lyrina for the commentary...

adameros (11:59:19 AM): Is it just me, or are you the racoon in this cartoon from time to time? ;-) http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2000/om20000827.jpg
lyrina (12:00:55 PM): haha... that's mean.
lyrina (12:01:04 PM): don't you dare post that in LJ ;-)
adameros (12:01:33 PM): You must admit, when you get on your "nature of people and relationships" debates, you can get sort of like that. ;-)
lyrina (12:02:27 PM): oh shuddup :-P
lyrina (12:02:55 PM): actaully, do post it. i want ppl to know that I'M right and THEY'RE wrong!
adameros (12:04:09 PM): You're right, till someone whacks you on the head? ;-)
lyrina (12:04:09 PM): kidding, btw.
lyrina (12:04:34 PM): hey!
adameros (12:04:35 PM): Nope... Too late. I'm gonna post it! You gave your permission!!! ;-)
lyrina (12:04:46 PM): dammit
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