A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.


An unbelievable weekend...

Brain Scienced to the max. Fun, fun, fun... The venue was awesome, and the DJ... Say it with me now... "Oh! My! God!"Usually I go to these things and I say, "I can do that." Then I go home and I do it. These guys... Wow!!! They made me feel like an amatuer wannabe. And going to these things with Stimulax's is so much fun! Surrounded by friends, brain scienced, dancing my ass off to the most amazing set. Got there Friday afternoon, left Monday afternoon, and felt like loved, and like a party good the whole time.

It was weird... within 15 minutes of arriving home, alone, and sitting on the couch to check e-mail, I felt horrendously depressed and lonely. I really wanted to call Amber or someone else up and see if they wanted to go out and do something, but it was a monday night, and I had laundry and stuff to do.

On the plus side, last night I made a mix to tease my friend with... He calls all techno "Boot in the drier music", so I put a shoe in the dryer, with a mic, and mixed to it. It was kind of a slow beat, but I think it came out fine. He'll be laughing his ass off when he hears it.
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