A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Cemeteries... Such a happy subject.

I was driving through Shrerwood the other day and I couldn't help but notice all the tiny cemeteries, often the size of one lot. As the urban groth bondery exends out from Portland, I wonder what will be come of these monuments.

This lead me to ponder what the future hold for interning our dead as our cities grow. Then it occurred to me... Imaginf building a parking structure with 20 to 30 foot ceilings and bring in the dirt, plant grass and small trees, and the maybe some UV lights to run at night to keep the plants happy. A multi story cemetery. The eternal condo for you loved ones. I'm sure these will come. That the will likely be built on hills and hype how every plot has a great view.

The other thing I was pondering... Dark Matter... What ever angsty teen is dying to have? Perhaps, but actually is is a theoretical substance that composes a good part of the universe, and has the unique aspect of an anti-gravity type effect (it pushes instead of pulls). It is said to be responsable for the further expansion of the galaxy.

This makes me think that gravity might be more like magnetism. Imagine taking a magnet and making so the center was one pole and all the outside was the other pole, and that oposites repulsed and like attracted. This is my guess as to how we will find gravity works. But what defines what the polarity of the gravity is? Will it be something simple like a re ordering or different spins on the quarks? Or as improbable as it is, have protons orbiting a nucleus of electrons and neutrons? If dark matter could be contained and used, just imaging what the uses of the anti gravity could be, and what the hazards would be. You could use it to lift trains and things like that for frictionless travel. It would also repel air, creating a vacum around it which would be bad for people, but would further reduce air friction for transportation.

But I think we will see this created in a lab far before we witness it upclose in nature.

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