A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

My newest conspiracy theory! Don your tin foil caps please.

Piracy pushing technology?

Supposedly our DVD's will soon be out of date as we will be getting much higher capacity blue laser DVD's.

But why the rush to get this techonology out the door? I mean, not every house has a DVD player yet, so they could milk the market for a few more years.

My thought is the new players we have a much more secure encoding system. The studios claim to be losing a fair amount of money due to piracy, and they could be pressing for a quick release of something with better encryption. But how to get people to move to the new technology?

Get lower the cost of HDTV's so more people get them. Then people will want HDTV compliant DVD players, which is what the new high capacity blue laser players offer.

So, it boils down to studios and distributers wanting to protect their product. Them bribing/coercing/pressuring manufactures to release a new product that will protect the studios product. But the only way they can get people to buy the new product is if their is a major value add for the consumer.

So... Piracy is actually bringing us newer and better technology sooner and hopefully cheaper.

Remove tin foil hats and burn your computer, lest the men in the black helicopters get their hands on this.

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