A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

The car swap meet was so-so. Not nearly as many super nice cars that they usually have. But I did find myself lusting for this convertable:

And for all the geeky girls out there (I'm thinking Sysadmin geeky), here is the shirt for you:
[For you none geeky types, RAID is Random Array of Inexpensive Disks. It allows you to make several hard drives look like one huge drive, and makes it so you can lose a drive with out losing any data.]

The rest of the pictures can be seen at:

Also, TiMet (or local bus service) can suck my left nut! We rode our bikes to the event and chained our bikes up to a fence. It is the fence to keep people from wanding on to the train track. The bikes were not on pavement blocking foot traffic, and they were not on the train side. We went into the Swap meet, and one hour later we get called over the P.A. system advising who ever has their bike chained to the fence needs to move their bikes because TriMet is not happy with them. So we get there and some representative from TriMet is there waiting for us. Were after a short discussion he says it wouldn't have been a problem is that MAX station had been open. Excuse me, isn't the point of MAX and the bus to get people to stop driving? We were damaging nothing, impeeding no traffic, and creating no risk. Who shoved the burr up TriMet's ass?

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